Two Ravens at Dawn

I just completed a new wall piece that was inspired by a visit to New Mexico last fall.  The work is 18” x 24” and features natural sandstone pebbles from the southwest contrasting with cut marble, Maine beach stones, porcelain and stained glass.  The image combines two experiences from our stay in New Mexico.  The first was the presence of a raven pair near our lodging.  I was thrilled to have frequent and close contact with these large members of the corvid family.  I especially enjoyed listening to the variety of vocalizations they are able to produce.  In this way thay seem much more versatile and broadly expressive than the crows I am familiar with here in Maine.  The second experience was watching the sun rise on a cloudy, portentous morning with a storm approaching from the north.  The vivid colors of the sky contrasting with the dark silhouettes of the mountains provided me with inspiration for several drawings, culminating with this mosaic.